muscat, omanThe OABC is an organization that has been formed to “foster the development of commercial activity” between the United States of America & the Sultanate of Oman. OABC promotes friendship, understanding & other matters of mutual interest between the U.S. business communities in the Sultanate of Oman & the individuals of the Sultanate of Oman. OABC’s focal endeavor is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, advice & ideas with respect to share of concerns & the discussion of any matters of interest to the U.S. business communities in the Sultanate of Oman”.

OABC offers membership to any U.S. National, an employee of a person or entity with significant U.S. origin or affiliation & resident of the Sultanate of Oman with interest in the objectives of the organization.

Regular electronic communications are sent out to members with updates on events, membership, and other strategic issues of importance to US business executives and US citizens abroad. OABC is managed by an Executive Director and professional staff.

The Board of Directors is elected annually by members and includes four officers and 11 members at large. The Chairman is the spokesperson for the membership.

OABC Administration & Commercial Outreach

(Calendar, Planning, Event management, Networking, Investment Promotion)
Board Members: Emmee Haun, Emily Shaffer, Galina Prokhina

Advocacy on Doing Business Issues

(FTA Implementation, Company registration bureaucracy, Preparing white papers on various issues as needed)
Board Members: Ali Daud, Marla Valdes, George Sandars

Capacity-Building and Corporate Social Responsibility

(Job Creation / Entrepreneurship Promotion, Identifying and Coordinating Appropriate American Expertise & Resources to Assist GoO on Manpower Issue)*
Board Members: Ali Daud, Sarah Jackson, Bill Crew, Faraz Tareen, Jonathan Cooper

Membership Recruitment

(Event Management, Social / Networking, Recruitment, Membership, Brand Management, Media)*
Board Members: Garry Friend, Fouad Eid, Hala Srouji